Saturday, March 10, 2007


Work Bathroom Edition #1

It's been a while. We've gotten several e-mails bitching about co-workers which we will post over the next few days. First a themed post . . . your co-workers in the bathroom:

From TG -- an all to common happening:

I can't stand the dirty f**king people I work with who use the toilet and then leave the bathroom without washing their hands.

From RR:

There is someone who works on my floor who, for some reason, can't get his piss into the urinal when he uses it. It always amazes me that a grown man can't aim. It's not like you're pissing into a cup buddy.

From Mike:

If I ever catch the prick who is too lazy to flush the toilet after he takes a sh*t, I'll kill him. Who the f**k wants to walk into the bathroom to take a dump and see that in the toilet?

And a favorite question of ours from AR:

Why is it that people are so afraid to take their sh*t when there is someone in the next stall? Do your business and get the hell out.

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