Saturday, March 10, 2007


Want to tell a co-worker off anonymously?

Have you ever wanted to tell a co-worker (or even your boss) that something he or she does or says annoys the sh*t out of you, but are too afraid of the consequences or are just afraid of confrontation? Well here's a solution . . .

Send us your bitch, gripe, problem, etc. with your co-worker along with your co-worker's e-mail address. After we post your complaint about him or her, we'll e-mail them the link. You remain totally anonymous, but your point is made.

Or, if you see a post on the site that resembles a gripe you have with a co-worker, shoot us an e-mail with the post you'd like sent on and we'll do it. Your name kept out of it.

Just think of it as an easy and anonymous way to bitch about your co-workers.

Oooo I could have used this service befor resigning in December 2004. Here is one I created that can be sent to one's Stupidvisor
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