Saturday, March 10, 2007


Idiots at the computer

Another one of our e-mails, this one from IB:
I'm a PC tech, but I also man the front desk and answer the phones at our office, probably because I'm a cute young female. Our end-users are city employees, and I get to field lots of calls from people who want help NOW. Here's how those calls work.

"This is Me, how can I help you?"
"I need.... to talk to someone. I have this camera dock that's broken."
"Would you like for me to create a work order for you?"
"No. I ... Need. To. Talk. To. Someone. Now."

Like that's a fucking emergency, a$$holes. I hate people who think their silly little problems ("OMG I can't get Windows Media Player to work! My day is ruined!") are infinitely more important than what's already in our queue. The conversation above happened about ten minutes ago, and I'm seething. I want to find that woman and bitch-slap her.
We hear ya, IB . . . we kinda want to bitch-slap her ourselves.

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